Defunct airlines on film in the ’80s

August 2, 2020

Airlines in films of the ’80s that no longer exist in 2020.

A TWA flight carrying Roz to Paris
Nine to Five (Higgins, 1982)
An Eastern Airlines plane at the next gate as Spike leaves
Author! Author! (Hiller, 1982)
David deplaning a Horizon Airlines flight
WarGames (Badham, 1983)
Joel Goodson standing under a sign for Republic Airlines
Risky Business (Brickman, 1983)
Hal Osborne, Marilyn Gardener, and Lt. Fleming under signs for Republic, TWA, and Western Airlines
Cloak & Dagger (Franklin, 1984)
A TWA flight about to take Theodore Pierce to Los Angeles
Nine to Five (Higgins, 1982)
A Pan Am flight carrying Jennifer Lyons to meet her father
Blame It on Rio (Donen, 1984)
A Varig Airlines jet carrying the Hollis and Lyons families to Rio de Janeiro
Blame It on Rio (Donen, 1984)
Ralph and his Pan Am bag
Romancing the Stone (Zemeckis, 1984)
An advertisement for Continental Airlines on Chiun's television
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (Hamilton, 1985)
A Western Airlines flight carries Fletch to Provo, Utah
Fletch (Ritchie, 1985)
A New York Air billboard decorated by Turk 182
Turk 182 (Clark, 1985)
A TWA flight lands in Los Angeles with Adam Lawrence aboard
Perfect (Bridges, 1985)
A Pan Am flight takes the Griswalds to London
National Lampoon's European Vacation (Heckerling, 1985)
Laura Kelly and Tom Logan stand in front of a New York City TWA office
Legal Eagles (Reitman, 1986)
Alex Sternbergen tries to get a Pacific Southwest Airlines flight from LAX to San Francisco
The Morning After (Lumet, 1986)
Hunt Stevenson boards a Colgan Air flight on his way to Tokyo
Gung Ho (Howard, 1986)
Chief Benton, armed with a British Caledonian Airways ticket, prepares to flee a scandal
Ruthless People (Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker, 1986)
An undercover MI5 officer tails George Berenson on a tube escalator past a Dan-Air advertisement
The Fourth Protocol (Mackenzie, 1987)
Officers Friday and Streebek race towards LAX past a Western Airlines jet
Dragnet (Mankiewicz, 1987)
Todd Barrett pleads his case at an America West cart in the Phoenix airport
Campus Man (Casden, 1987)
J.C. Wiatt is surprised to have inherited a baby in front of a TWA gate at JFK Airport
Baby Boom (Shyer, 1987)
A commercial for Eastern Airlines plays in a display window at Prince & Co. created by Jonathan and Emmy
Mannequin (Gottlieb, 1987)
A snowstorm swirls around several USAir jets on the tarmac at O'Hare Airport
Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Hughes, 1987)
An advertisement for America West Airlines as Del Griffith lugs his trunk to the waiting room
Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Hughes, 1987)
A TWA flight carrying Michael Cutler to Las Vegas nears the jet bridge
Over the Top (Golan, 1987)
A cab carrying Peter, Michael, and Jack passes the USAir check-in area at JFK Airport
3 Men and a Baby (Nimoy, 1987)
Brian Flanagan walks to his uncle Pat's bar down the street from a PanAm billboard
Cocktail (Donaldson, 1988)
Henderson Dores walks past the Eastern Airlines desk on his way to his flight to Atlanta
Stars and Bars (O'Connor, 1988)
Freddie Benson departs Beaumont-sur-Mer on TWA
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Oz, 1988)
Wally Karew stands in front of a Pan Am sign at the Union Square subway station
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (Hiller, 1989)
Charles Highway chases after Rachel Noyce through Heathrow, past the British Midland check-in area
The Rachel Papers (Harris, 1989)
The Indians watch their airplane to Milwaukee arrive near a Northwest Airlines 757 they are not taking
Major League (Ward, 1989)
An American Trans Airlines jet under Bobby's spell prepares to drive through the Sumner Tunnel from Logan Airport
Second Sight (Zwick, 1989)
Nick Conklin and Charlie Vincent extradite Sato back to Tokyo aboard a Northwest flight from New York City
Black Rain (Scott, 1989)
Continental Flight 414 brings Harvey Bilchik, owner of U62, to town
UHF (Levey, 1989)