Everyone had a Pee Chee in the Eighties

September 24, 2020

They were a West Coast thing to be sure, but within that region, the orange Pee Chee was ubiquitous in high school (and occasionally college) halls and classrooms throughout the Eighties (and also, apparently, in the late 1950s, if La Bamba and Dead Poets Society are to be believed).

The Last American Virgin
(Davidson, 1982)
Private School
(Black, 1983)
No Small Affair
(Schatzberg, 1984)
Better Off Dead
(Holland, 1985)
The Sure Thing
(Reiner, 1985)
Just One of the Guys
(Gottlieb, 1985)
Tuff Turf
(Kiersch, 1985)
Pretty in Pink
(Deutch, 1986)
Three O'Clock High
(Joanou, 1987)
La Bamba
(Valdez, 1987)
Like Father Like Son
(Daniel, 1984)
Teen Wolf Too
(Leitch, 1987)
License to Drive
(Beeman, 1988)
Plain Clothes
(Coolidge, 1988)
(Lehmann, 1989)
Dead Poets Society
(Weir, 1989)