Porsches on film in the ’80s

July 5, 2020

The ubiquitous Porsche in ’80s cinema.

Henrí Trémont's 911 Turbo
Private Benjamin (Zieff, 1980)
Dr. Beeper’s 911
Caddyshack (Ramis, 1980)
Arthur Bach’s 924
Arthur (Gordon, 1981)
Mark Winslow’s 911 Turbo
Modern Problems (Shapiro, 1981)
Slantnose 911 and four 911 Turbos of the Brocknoviach
Condorman (Jarrott, 1981)
Squire "Skip" Franklin Burroughs IV’s 911SC Cabriolet
Class (Carlino, 1983)
Don Sylvester’s 911SC Targa
My Tutor (Bowers, 1983)
Mr. Goodson’s 928
Risky Business (Brickman, 1983)
Jim Green’s 924
Private School (Black, 1983)
Nick Carlton’s 911 Targa
The Big Chill (Kasdan, 1983)
Cole Whittier’s modified 911 Targa
Bachelor Party (Israel, 1984)
Jake Ryan’s 944
Sixteen Candles (Hughes, 1984)
Jake Lewis's 911
No Small Affair (Schatzberg, 1984)
Terry Brogan’s 911SC Cabriolet
Against All Odds (Hackford, 1984)
Morgan Hiller’s (borrowed) 911SC Cabriolet
Tuff Turf (Kiersch, 1985)
Wyatt Donnelly’s 928
Weird Science (Hughes, 1985)
Victoria's boyfriend’s 911SC
Desperately Seeking Susan (Seidelman, 1985)
Spud’s 911SC Cabriolet
Odd Jobs (Story, 1986)
David Basner’s ad agency’s borrowed 928
Nothing in Common (Marshall, 1986)
Bret's 911 Carrera Targa
Can't Buy Me Love (Rash, 1987)
Detective Doyle's 944
Who's That Girl (Foley, 1987)
A brochure and price list for a 928 in Mr. Bradwood's desk
Plain Clothes (Coolidge, 1988)
Larry's 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Bull Durham (Shelton, 1988)
Cosmo's 911 Carrera
Stormy Monday (Figgis, 1988)
"A brand new, bright red Porsche Cabriolet Turbo stuck under a tarp in the back of Dan O'Leary's garage."
Shakedown (Glickenhaus, 1988)
Bernie Lomax's 911SC Targa
Weekend at Bernie's (Kotcheff, 1989)
A 911 Carrera Targa borrowed by Lucas to escape from the police.
Three Fugitives (Veber, 1989)