Rubik’s Cubes (and the like) on film in the ’80s

July 6, 2020

Released in 1980, the classic 3-D puzzle quickly made its way into films of all kinds. (September 19) Note: maybe I should call this “Pyraminxes and occasionally Rubik's Cubes.”

Chuck Lumley’s Rubik’s Cube
Night Shift (Howard), 1982)
Mr. Vargas’ Rubik’s Cube
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Heckerling, 1983)
Squire “Skip” Franklin Burroughs IV’s Rubik’s Cube
Class (Carlino, 1983)
Joel Goodson’s Pyraminx
Risky Business (Brickman), 1983)
Baba’s Rubik’s Cube
D.C. Cab (Schumacher, 1983)
The Nerds’ Magic Ball
Revenge of the Nerds (Kanew, 1984)
Morgan Hiller's Pyraminx
Tuff Turf (Kiersch, 1985)
Daryl’s Pyraminx
D.A.R.Y.L. (Wincer, 1985)
Milly’s Pyraminx
WillyMilly (Schneider, 1986)
Coach Finsock’s Rubik's Cube
Teen Wolf Too (Leitch, 1987)
Two completed Rubik’ Cubes on Teri MacDonald’s desk
Project X (Kaplan, 1987)
A Magic Octagonal Prism on Bancroft’s side table
Hawks (Miller, 1988)
A blind man attempts a Rubik's Cube outside City Hall
UHF (Levey, 1988)